300Hr Teacher Training

300 Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training – Maui

Taught as three separate 100HR Modules | 100HR Yoga Alliance CEU’s for each course  

Sound Healing Training

100HR Level 2

*Prerequisite for Yoga Alliance CEU’s: 200 Hr Yoga Alliance teacher training certification or approval to participate.  Participation is open to all.

Air & Ether: Module One 100 HR
Manifestation: Sound Healing and Mantra

May 3-13

Hale Akua Garden Farm Haiki, HI

10 Nights 11 Days 


Take your yoga teaching abilities to the next level or become a part of the emerging international sound healing community!!! Hands on gong training, handpan workshop, learn how to clear energy fields with sacred rattling, find your voice and learn to lead mantras with confidence. You will leave with a deep understanding of the structure of the Universe including Samkhya philosophy, the principles of sacred geometry, and the science of sound.

Sound Healing Immersion
100HR Level 2 Kundinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Module

*Prerequisite for Yoga Alliance CEU’s: 200 Hr Yoga Alliance teacher training certification or you can take for personal growth and fun. Participation is open to all.

Air & Ether: 100 HR Module
Manifestation: Sound Healing and Mantra
Sept 28th-Oct 8th Maui, HI
10 Nights 11 Days All Inclusive Retreat

*The power of Mantra and Dr Emotos research on the vibration of words and their effects on matter
*Japji -The paurees and their siginificance, determining your own personal pauree, how to use the mool mantra to enhance any mantra practice
*Physics of Sound: Frequency, Resonance, Entrainment
*Solfeggio Tones and Binural Beats
*Sacred Geometry
*Samkhya philosophy
*Creating Sound Scapes: learn how to Play Gongs with hands on practice, and explore other instruments like handpan, sansula, singing bowls, and chimes
*Handpan workshop (may be some handspans for sale)
*Finding your voice/practice leading mantra with harmonium (droning on one note or simple melodies)
*Daily Kudinyasa Yoga and Meditation
*Public Sound healing event led by students and teachers

Also included:
*Organic Vegetarian Meals
*Infared Sauna
*Pool and multiple hot tubs on property
*Ocean and waterfall views

**Facial, Massage, Acupuncture, Flower Essence Therapy, or Tantric Numerology consultation (includes personal yoga or meditation prescription), surf lessons or outrigger canoe lessons can be arranged for addtional fees. Surf and conoe would be at alternate location.

NOTE: Airport transport not included but can be arranged


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Payment Options: 6 month payment plans available interest free through PayPal and 10 month plans with finance fee through Kundinyasa. We will contact you after the initial deposit is made for a private phone consultation about your expereince with yoga and possible homework before the training to get you up to speed and to go over payment plan and financing options.

Contact us at info@kundinyasa.com with any questions. Justfly.com usually has the best deal on flights to Maui. Let us know how we can assist you in making this dream come true!

    Eleven day certification is available if you would like to stay and continue learning and practicing with us. NOTE: Accommodations must be booked through Hale Akua Garden Farm and are not included in the retreat price. http://haleakua.org/book-your-accommodation/
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Fire & Water: Module Two 100 HR 
Transformation: Tools and Techniques

TBD MAUI 2018 (10 Nights 11 Days)

  • Kundalini Tantric (Acara) Numerology
  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • Essential oils workshop
  • Sat Nam Rasayan
  • Working with private clients
  • Business of yoga
  • Coaching intensive (practice doing intakes and consultations)
  • Teacher student relationship

Earth & Water: Module THREE 100 HR
The body: Working with the physical realm

TBD 2018 (10 Nights 11 Days)

  • Deep Adjustments
  • Fascia Workshop
  • Creative sequencing
  • Advanced poses/ inversions
  • Ayurveda
  • Vedic Astrology Intro