Do we need to be on specific diet or be vegetarian?

DJ and I feel strongly that everyone is so unique there is no one diet for everyone. Vegetarian is typically recommended for yoga practice as vegetables and fruit have the highest source of energy, but if you feel spaced out and can not think or focus try eating some fish or hormone free, antibiotic free organic meat. Ladies are advised in Chinese medicine to eat red meat (lamb or beef) once a month during your moon if you feel you need it. You should listen to your body and give it what it needs. General guidelines: Eat organic, non gmo, non processed foods. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar and practice moderation in sexual intercourse so you can use that vital energy for healing and deeper states of meditation.

What are flower essences and will they irritate me if I’m sensitive to fragrances?

Flower Essences are not essential oils and have no smell. They are the vibrational signature of the flower which are tonics to many of our emotional dilemmas. They are energy medicine similar in concept to homeopathic medicine which is a dilution to the point of just the energetic frequency of the substance but not the herbal properties. I have used them for 15 years with clients and they are powerful allies and as the emotions shift amazingly a lot of physical symptoms are transformed as well. I will explain more about how they are made when we meet. They are preserved in brandy and you take a few drops under the tongue. If you can not take alcohol based tinctures please let me know so I can prepare yours with vinegar instead.

What if I miss a session?

You should pick a buddy so if you miss a session they will take clear notes and share them with you. We video tape the lectures and make them available for you to watch on Pow How if you feel you missed some info or if you have to miss a session. If you need to miss any days please get them approved by us in advance. Sometimes there are glitches with recordings and it is imperative you attend as many weekends as you can or you may have to finish up next year.