Although my yoga beginnings are rooted in the Iyengar school of teachings, upon taking my first Kundinyasa class with Adesh I was hooked by the powerful fusion of physically vigorous vinyasa and energetically balancing kriyas and was thrilled to have the chance to study with her. I have experienced yoga’s ability to heal oneself both physically and emotionally firsthand. I was able to rehabilitate repetitive knee and shoulder injuries and find my own inner light and beauty beneath layers of worry, doubt and insecurity.


When I think of my experience during the Kundinyasa YTT it is really difficult for me to sum up my transformation into words, let alone a few short sentences. I joined the training during a time in my life where I felt desperate to grow spiritually and most importantly to gain clarity. Curious of the world and the energies we harvest I was at a road block, I knew I needed guidance. I am so grateful to have had Adesh and Dhyanjot as mentors during this lifetime for the knowledge they shared. The training provided me with an awareness and clear understanding of the power we possess as spiritual beings living this human experience. I graduated with tools I will use for the rest of my life, finally a feeling of “this makes sense”. That’s not to say it doesn’t take hard work both mentally and physically, but if you’re willing to put in the effort this training will give you way more in return than you could have imagined.


I would first like to share my gratitude for everyone who has ever created any amount of positive change in this world and pray for those who are in need of some. Adesh is one of those beautiful souls who has created massive positive change and continues to do so through her Yoga teachings and gifts of soulful song. During her Kundinyasa® teacher training she shares a bounty of the highest wisdom from her own experience while guiding us into becoming more fully aligned with our own hearts and the Heart of the Divine.

I received the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life during this training and continue to feel the effects from having a more permanent daily spiritual practice. It has changed my life for the better by:
* Giving the strength to push through any and all barriers (physical, mental, and emotional).
* Deepening the connection to the Divine through prayer, movement, breath and song.
* Grounded daily spiritual practice that creates positive change in all aspects of life for all our relations.

I am forever grateful for the benefits this training has brought into my life and the blessings it bestows upon all who are open to it. May the Love of God be with you all ❤ I am now teaching at Branch Mill Organic Farm in Arroyo Grande, CA. Thank You, Adesh!!!


Kundinyasa Teacher Training came at a point in my life when I was increasingly frustrated by the lack of internal focus westernized yoga has evolved into. Not only did I receive a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of teaching Vinyasa yoga, I also received a life-altering understanding of yoga philosophy and ancient wisdom which is core to the transformative powers of Kundalini Yoga. What the training represented for me was an awakening into the unlimited potentials we can embody as human beings when we dedicate ourselves to a daily practice that integrates the physical and the spiritual. If you are into the deeper side of yoga this could possibly be the best 200 hour training you will ever receive.


I did my first yoga training with Adesh and it was completely life changing. She was able to create significantly profound experiences as well as communicate the science of yoga in her program. It was very challenging and detailed, which I like. Through her guidance I achieved things I never thought I’d achieve. I got in the best shape and that was only a side-effect of the deep inner work of the yoga journey. I would recommend this training over other kundalini trainings because there is more open-minded application of the teachings here and a deeper cosmology than the rigid teachings of the Bhajanites. Aides shares from a place of knowing and has a very disciplined committed practice that speaks volumes when you take her classes.